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Calculation fields
Recommended and tested fit indices Code Cutoff Sensitivity Use
Standardized Root Mean Square Residual SRMR 1st index
Comparative Fit Index CFI 2nd index
Tucker-Lewis Index (Non-Normed Fit Index) TLI 2nd index
Root Mean Square Error of Approximation RMSEA 2nd index
Other indices (not tested in the paper and/or recommended) Code Cutoff Sensitivity Use
Chi-square value χ2 not investigated
Chi-square value per degree of freedom χ2/d.f. not investigated
Goodness of Fit Index GFI not investigated
Adjusted Goodness of Fit Index AGFI not recommended
Parsimonious Goodness of Fit Index PGFI not recommended
Incremental Fit Index (Bollen's Non-normed Index Delta 2) IFI not investigated
Relative Fit Index (Bollen's Normed Index Rho 1) RFI not investigated
Normed Fit Index NFI not investigated
Parsimonious Normed Fit Index PNFI not recommended
McDonald's Measure of Centrality (McDonald Fit Index) MC not investigated*
Gamma Hat GH not investigated*
Note.* recommended by Hu & Bentler (1999) as 2nd index.